Rental Rates

Rates & Offers

Please contact us for the latest Rates & Offers for your proposed period of stay.
Please note that all our rates include breakfast as standard.



Please note we offer all of our guests :

7+ days discount of 10% against the nightly room rate.

1+ month(s) a total discount of 15% against the nightly room rate.

In addition returning clients will be offered :

3 - 6 days a 5% discount against the nightly room rate.


Booking Options 

We can accommodate payments via transfer in a variety of different currencies, please let us know your preferred currency to enable us to confirm details.
If you prefer to book using a credit card, you may book through Airbnb, by clicking the Airbnb links on the Availability page.

Returning customers using Airbnb please send a booking enquiry to receive the 3-6 day discount offer or mention your previous booking when contacting us directly


Direct Booking


If booking directly, a deposit of 1 nights stay is required at the time of booking to secure your stay, this will be taken off your final bill.

Please Note
Fentons The Boutique Casa is generally let on an individual room basis rather than as a complete independent Casa. However, this year we have introduced flexible booking options to flex our accommodation if required to potentially offer smaller capacity for single person and couples, or larger capacity to family groups or groups of friends who would like to ensure they are the sole guests staying at the casa. Please do contact us to discuss your needs.

Cancellation policy

Any cancellations requests made after 48hours of booking will result in the loss of your 1 nights deposit.


Deposit Payment details will be provided at the point of booking.
Payment of outstanding balances due on arrival in Cuba : we normally accept payments in £'s, Euro's or $'s. However, we can on occasion also accommodate payment via bank transfers. 

Guest Comments

아만다는 너무 친절하고 저희 부부에게 좋은추억을 만들어주었습니다. 힘들고 지친 여행에 좋은 숙소는 우리들에게 활력을 줍니다. 특히 욕실은 각종 세면도구들은 아바나에 있는 호텔들보다 더 세련되고 깨끗하였습니다. 현지 숙소에 있는 다른 한국분들의 숙소를 구경 하였는데 비교할 수 없습니다. 방은 크진 않지만 공동 거실공간에는 여러가지 앤티 크한 소품들이 아기자기 ...

SungKyun (South Korea)
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